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EConsult outcomes template on EMIS

As part of the North Central London (NCL) Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) drive to constantly improve the eConsult online consultation and triage process, the NCL IT team has developed an eConsult outcome template and protocol that will be uploaded onto EMIS by 16 October. 

The template and protocol have been designed and tested over a number of months by the five NCL CCG clinical IT lead GPs.  They have worked hard to ensure that it runs quickly and smoothly in the background during normal clinical work, and is no significant increase in practice workload. 

How to use the template

When a clinician completes a consultation for a patient who has recently submitted an eConsult, the template (see attached/linked picture) will automatically open for that clinician to record the outcome of consultation.  It takes a few seconds to complete the template. No training is needed. The template is simple and intuitive. 

What are the benefits?

The NCL Online Consultation team will soon be providing practices with a suite of searches designed to complement this template. Use of these searches will be optional, but the intention is that they will allow you to have a detailed view of what the outcomes are for the eConsults received by the practice. This will help you to answer questions such as:

  • How many of our eConsults result in an emergency appointment?
  • How many of our eConsults are closed with a text message response?

The NCL Online Consultation team will also be able to use the data (fully anonymised to remove any patient identifiable data) to look at patterns of eConsult outcomes across practices, boroughs and NCL as a whole.  This will help us to understand areas of best practice that could be replicated across NCL, and also help us to better understand the eConsult training need across NCL.

What do clinicians need to do?

The template will be uploaded by the GP IT Team to EMIS in Barnet, Camden and Islington boroughs, to allow the team to collect feedback and implement amends before wider rollout. 

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the template, contact the Digital First team 

For any technical queries or removal of the template, please contact the GP IT Team