Camden, Islington and Haringey Immunisation Update Training (half day)

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Camden, Islington and Haringey Immunisation Update Training (half day)

This half-day online course is suitable for those who have already done core training.

The sessions will cover topical issues and any new information as well as reinforcement of some basics, such as storage of vaccines. The sessions will include information about influenza. It will be covered at the beginning of the sessions.

District nurses can attend any session, but it would be best to choose from the three sessions at the end of the year as flu immunisation policy with be clear by then. Separate sessions will be laid on for occupational health staff and prison staff. There will not be any separate sessions to cover flu alone.

Everyone booked will be contacted with login information and agenda for the session by the immunisation administrator. Attendance will be taken before the session to know those who have attended. An evaluation form will be sent to all attendees after the session and certificates will be issued afterwards.

To book, send request to and confirmation will be sent by return email.

Please book in advance, non-attendance without advance notice will entail a fee charged to your budget code.

For further information, contact Christine Ogundele


t: 0203 316 8426

This training is also available in March, May, July and September 2020.