Islington Community Education Provider Network (CEPN)

Islington Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) was established in 2014 with seed funding from Health Education England. Islington CEPN aims to better respond to local needs and priorities by co-ordinating education and training activities, bridging boundaries across health and social care, primary and secondary care, physical and mental health; delivering a localised element of sustainability and transformation aligned to that of the STP. Haringey and Islington CEPNs started to work together to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes aligned to the Haringey and Islington Wellbeing Partnership.

Where possible, Islington CEPN activities are delivered across organisational and professional boundaries because “when people learn together, they work better together”. This approach supports integrated working and also helps members of the workforce to learn about each other’s roles and organisations.

To find out more about Islington CEPN and its activities please visit the Haringey and Islington CEPNs website.