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This September, to coincide with the expected highest hospital admission rates for asthma, Healthy London Partnership is running its #AskAboutAsthma campaign again with NHS England and Improvement (London) and supported by the Mayor of London. Keeping children’s asthma under control is particularly important this year due to the coronavirus and any potential second wave.
The campaign focuses on three key messages for good asthma care:
1. Ensure there is an asthma action plan in place
2. Check that the inhaler technique is correct 
3. Make sure an annual asthma review is completed. 
This year’s campaign will include a week-long schedule of webinars, podcasts, blogs, social media activity and a virtual conference. Each day will have a particular focus, e.g. primary care, pharmacy, schools, nurses, air quality and parents and families.

 Wednesday 16 September is the virtual conference: #AskAboutAsthma 2020 In the time of Covid 19
The primary care focused theme day will be held on Friday 18 September and will feature the following activities:

  • Webinar: Why is good primary care essential for CYP asthma?  At 12.30pm-1.30pm, register here
  • Learning from asthma deaths (podcast)
  • Painting the picture of better asthma care for children and young people by Dan Devitt (blog)
  • How a Network Incentive Scheme can improve CYP asthma diagnosis and care by Tori Hadaway (blog)

 More information is available via the Healthy London Partnership website.


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