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Community Phlebotomy: Additional WH Capacity, Including Routine Pathology

Whittington Health (WH) launched a phlebotomy hub offering 1,500 appointments a week at Holloway Community Health Centre on 29 June to increase phlebotomy capacity. Please encourage patients to take advantage of the afternoon appointments.

NCL CCG, supported by the clinical leads for pathology and primary care, had previously advised caution in ordering bloods due to the reduced capacity. Now, GPs whose patients use WH for phlebotomy can start to request routine pathology. The CCG will soon be offering the same advice for other providers, as additional local capacity comes online.

Visit the NCL Covid-19 website for the latest Whittington Phlebotomy news and a summary of current phlebotomy services as of 17 July. Please refer to the right test right time guidance.

Expiry date: Jul 28th, 2021