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EPS Phase 4: Bulk Enablement Delayed

The planned bulk enablement of Electronic Prescription System (EPS) Phase 4 for EMIS GP practices, which was due to commence on 7 September, has been delayed. A recent incident, unrelated to EPS Phase 4, affecting a small number of EPS users is being investigated and affected users are being contacted. As soon as the issue has been fully resolved with EMIS the bulk enablement will be re-scheduled. At present NHS digital is unable to say when this will be resolved.  

In the interim, NCL practices are encouraged to activate EPS Phase 4. The NCL Medicines Management Teams have produced NCL EPS Phase 4 implementation guidance for GP practices to support implementation. Practices are advised to ensure all staff, including locums and administrative staff, understand and follow the NCL implementation guidance and are able to use EPS Phase 4 prior to automatic bulk deployment.

Electronic prescription tracker 
The EPS prescription tracker allows prescribers and dispensers to search for all electronic prescriptions for their site. A smartcard is required to use the prescription tracker. Supporting information about the prescription tracker is available.

For further information, contact the Medicines Management Team
e: mmt.islington@nhs.net
t: 020 3688 2900

Expiry date: Sep 15th, 2021