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HealtheIntent: Next Steps for GPs

The HealtheIntent and Health Information Exchange programmes are progressing well across north central London. GP practices in Barnet and Enfield are now live with the Health Information Exchange and Islington GP practices are due to follow before the end of the year. 
HealtheIntent is an important part of our ability to support population health management, identify ‘gaps in care’ and support quality improvement. We would like to assure practices that it is not being used for strategic planning, needs analysis, evaluation or research. You can find out more about how HealtheIntent will support your work

To enable HealtheIntent, your practice’s EMIS system needs to be linked to Cerner so that data about your patients can be joined-up, analysed and translated into useful information to support you in your clinical practice. This process is known as ‘data on-boarding’. 

For this to happen each GP practice’s Caldicott Guardian will be required to sign the Data Processing Contract on the Data Controller Console. This will allow the sharing agreement to be made available in EMIS for enablement.

Practices will receive further information from our deployment manager over the coming weeks who will work with you around this process. Further information on this process and how your data is managed securely is available in a set of frequently asked questions here

Further information on the HIE and HealtheIntent programmes is available online. 

Expiry date: Dec 12th, 2019