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Islington Children's Social Care Judged 'Outstanding'

We were delighted to hear that our colleagues in Islington Children's Social Care have been judged “Outstanding” in their most recent Ofsted inspection. The recently published report (April 2020) praised Islington’s Children's Social Care for its “unwavering commitment to improving and enriching the lives of children and their families”. All of its services were found to be good or outstanding.

We were pleased to see that the report also recognises the work done locally, in collaboration with the Clinical Commissioning Group and Whittington Health, to co-locate children and young people's mental health practitioners in the children’s services contact team. Reporting this as “a significant strength in early signposting to specialist services to meet childrens needs”.

We look forward to our continued partnership working, going from strength to strength, with our outstanding Islington Children's Services colleagues. Congratulations!

Expiry date: Apr 21st, 2021