Phenelzine Sulphate 15mg Tablets (Nardil®): Supply Disruption Alert

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Phenelzine sulphate 15mg tablets (Nardil®): Supply Disruption Alert

Phenelzine sulphate 15mg tablets (Nardil®) have been unavailable since August 2019 and this is now expected to be a long-term supply issue. It is clinically unsafe to stop or switch this drug abruptly, therefore, any switching or withdrawal will need to be undertaken by a specialist. Unlicensed imports of phenelzine 15mg tablets were being used, however, these have become unreliable and now unlicensed phenelzine 15mg capsule specials have become available.
GPs should identify all patients prescribed phenelzine 15mg tablets and 

  • refer these patients for a specialist mental health review regarding ongoing management; and
  • ensure they have a sufficient supply until their review, to avoid abrupt withdrawal.

For full details please refer to the supply disruption alert.
For further information, contact the Medicines Management Team
t: 0203 688 2900

Expiry date: Jun 30th, 2021