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QIPP Results: Clinical Advice And Guidance

Since the launch of the Clinical Advice and Guidance service in October 2019, which allows a GP to seek advice from a hospital clinician, there has been a 55 per cent increase in clinical queries made via this route and a 13 per cent reduction in the number of outpatients discharged after first appointments. This can be a proxy measure for potentially avoidable referrals.

Thank you to everyone who has used, and continues to use, the service. Through your support and collaboration with hospital clinicians we have been able to better manage patients’ care and improve the quality of referrals.

With all major specialities available at the four main acute trusts in North Central London, we continue to work with providers to improve response rates and turn-around times.

For more information on Clinical Advice and Guidance see the Islington GP website or contact Stephen Bird, Primary Care Development Officer:

Email: stephen.bird5@nhs.net

Tel: 020 3688 2917

Expiry date: Feb 7th, 2020