Set Up EMIS Web for Urgent Supply Notifications Direct From Pharmacies

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Set Up EMIS Web for Urgent Supply Notifications Direct From Pharmacies

GP practices will soon be able to receive electronic notifications of urgent supplies of medicines, provided by community pharmacies as part of the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), as a workflow task within the EMIS Web system.

This means that you will be prompted to view the notification and add the details to the patient’s record as part of your existing digital workflow processes.

You’ll receive the full details in a PDF document and can add information to the patient record manually as appropriate. The patient’s Summary Care Record (SCR) can also be updated.

EMIS Web practices will have the new functionality enabled this month (August 2020). EMIS will inform practices of switch on dates.

Please note, if you use a third-party product such as Docman for your patient document management you will need to configure your Document Management task settings in Workflow Manager.

Electronic notifications will save time for GP practices and pharmacies, help to improve data quality and make it easier for you to make sure information is up to date.

In the unlikely event that the electronic message cannot be sent, pharmacies may revert to their existing processes, so please continue to check for notifications received via NHSmail, fax or post.

The content of the electronic notification is based on the pharmacy information flows data standard developed in partnership with the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB). The PRSB worked with clinicians from across primary care to develop and endorse the standard which covers vaccinations, the urgent supply of medicines and other community pharmacy services.

All pharmacies using the Sonar Informatics and PharmOutcomes systems can send the electronic notifications. TPP SystmOne users had the functionality enabled during July 2020.

System guidance is available from EMIS. Information is also available on the NHS Digital website.

Expiry date: Aug 5th, 2021