Child Safeguarding

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23 April 2020: In an update for GPs, the NCL safeguarding team has highlighted the need to be extra vigilant at a time when vulnerable adults and children may be isolated and not visible to professionals. Please continue to refer any safeguarding concerns to your local Children and Adult Social Care/Domestic Violence and Abuse agencies, and consult your local Clinical Commissioning Group team for advice as required.

The Royal College of General Practitioners has issued advice on Covid-19 and safeguarding.


If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child, follow the guidance below to contact the relevant Safeguarding and Social Care team.

The Children’s Services Contact Team (CSCT) is the single point of contact for all referrals and requests for services for vulnerable children and young people in the borough. The Disabled Children’s Team (DCT) is the referral point for children and young people who meet its criteria.

View a full-size version of the child protection guidelines (PDF)


Contact details

Children's Services Contact Team 
t: 020 7527 7400

Named GP for Safeguarding Children Dr Neera Dholakia

Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children and Children Looked After, Marie Fitzpatrick
t: 0203 688 2981

Designated Doctor for Safeguarding Children, Dr Katarina Harris

On-call Paediatric Registrars

University College Hospital t: 08451 555000

Whittington Hospital t: 020 7272 3070

Royal Free Hospital t: 020 7794 0500

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Urgent Child Protection referrals should be made by phone call to 0207 527 7400

After 5pm during the week, at weekends or during public holidays call the Emergency Duty Team on 020 7226 0992.

Calls should be followed by submitting a referral form, which can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Paediatric > Social, Emotional and Mental Health Request for Service Form – Paediatric

Email to using your email account.

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