London Ambulance Service

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Service update: 17 April 2020

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) has provided guidance on Ambulance Response Programme triage categories, the Health Care Professional telephone line and triage categories for GPs'patients, in use during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Immediately life-threatening conditions, within eight minutes

Call 020 3162 7525 if your patient has a life-threatening condition e.g. cardiac chest pain, new onset stroke (within four and a half hours), severe asthma.

When asked if the call is ‘immediately life threatening’ you (or your delegated caller) must say YES.

You will be asked if you have an AED defibrillator and whether you are able to use it.

A NO answer may lead to a non-conveying response being sent so that one is available if needed.

  • Clinical conditions - examples given as guidance only
    • acute severe asthma
    • cardiac chest pain
    • actively fitting
    • severe sepsis
    • stroke, onset within four and a half hours
    • respiratory conditions requiring nebulisation

Type of ambulance
Front-line emergency ambulance
+/- solo response vehicle

Urgent and emergency calls, depending on clinical condition two to four hours or one to two hours

  • Clinical conditions (two to four hours) - examples given as guidance only:
    • majority of patients who do not require immediate treatment in GP surgery or en-route to hospital
    • limb injuries 
    • back pain (not AAA)
  • Mental health concerns (one to two hours) - examples given as guidance only:
    • acute mental health crisis 

Type of ambulance

Non-emergency transport ambulance, equipped with

  • stretchers
  • oxygen capability
  • analgesia
  • crews trained in lifting and handling

Transport needed for clinical condition, 45 minutes

  • Clinical condition - examples given as guidance only
    • stroke, onset more than four and a half hours ago
    • acute abdominal pain
    • cauda equina

‚ÄčType of ambulance

Non-emergency transport ambulance
or front-line emergency ambulance

Referral and contact details

Healthcare professional referrals are accepted 24/7

t: 020 3162 7525

Service feedback: 020 7783 2546 /