Reablement Service

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The aim of the Reablement Service is to support an individual to reach the maximum level of independence possible following a period of ill health or significant change in circumstance.

The service lasts from a few days to a maximum of six weeks, and is free of charge to the service user.

The team comprises of case managers, social worker, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants, pharmacist and home support workers. The principle is to promote independence by supporting service users to carry out tasks and work towards their individual goals, aiming to reduce the need for longer-term care and assist them to remain at home for longer.

The service can support in various activities of daily living such as personal care, meal preparation, shopping, medication management, improving indoor mobility and accessing the community. Reablement can provide a maximum of four visits per day.

The service also offers support for people with primarily mental health needs, known as Enhanced Reablement, which involves case management by a specialist Community Mental Health Nurse.

If ongoing support is needed after the period of reablement, formal care can be arranged.

Eligibility criteria


Patients who:

  • are 18 years old or above
  • permanently or temporarily reside in Islington
  • are returning home after a period of time in hospital
  • want to regain skills and confidence in daily tasks


Patients who:

  • are under 18 years old
  • do not permanently or temporarily reside in Islington
  • have mental health needs or a learning disability that would prevent them from actively participating in the reablement process
  • receiving palliative care
  • have a full length plaster of Paris cast or similar restriction that would prevent them from participating in the reablement process

How to refer

Directly by telephone

Provided By

Service Feedback

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Last updated: Mar 5th, 2020
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