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The Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) is open 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year, staffed by local GPs and nurses who provide urgent care for people primarily living in Islington and West Haringey, or those visiting the area. It is part of the 24-hour emergency department (ED).

The treatment element of the service model is based on two main areas, in each case delivered by a primary care or emergency care professional: 

  • Patients with minor injury or illness 
  • Patients with a problem that may need further investigation, or observation, but who are not regarded as requiring the ED

The scope of the service encompasses all age groups and includes separate facilities for children and young people.  Patients will be given an immediate visual assessment by a clinical practitioner and streamed into the appropriate service.


  • Self-presentation through the Whittington ED entrance.
    • Patients are triaged (streamed) to the UTC
    • Walk-ins will be clinically assessed within 15 minutes of arrival, and will only be prioritised for treatment, over pre-booked appointments, where this is clinically necessary.
  • Patients who have been seen by their GP can be referred.
    • If a GP chooses to direct a patient to A&E, a letter to the ED consultant should always be provided, outlining the problem, patient history and expected outcome.
  • Via 111
    • Patients may be directed to attend the UTC. 
    • Patients may be given a booked appointment (currently 7 slots per day are available for booked appointments, Monday to Friday only).  
    • Staff aim to treat within 30 minutes of the booked appointment, however higher acuity patients will take priority.

Patients attending the UTC who are not registered with a GP will be managed by the UTC according to the same criteria as a registered patient, however they will be encouraged to register with a GP.  During all hours that the UTC is open it will provide guidance and support on how to register with a local GP and how to access or self-refer to other services including mental health crisis services and pharmacy. 


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