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Novel coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19)

For the latest on Covid-19, including NCL and national guidance, please visit the North Central London coronavirus website


9 July 2020: NHS England has issued updated guidance on childhood immunisations during Covid-19, for further detail, see the article on the NCL Covid-19 website.


19 May 2020: A reminder from NHS England, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the Royal College of General Practitioners that eight-week developmental checks and all childhood immunisations are considered essential general practice and should be continuing is supported by NCL. The eight-week check should be combined with the eight-week immunisations visit to reduce attendances for the parents.

All appropriate measures should be taken as standard to minimise risk of Covid-19 transmission. Parents may need additional reassurance with regards risk management. Some of the eight-week check can be done remotely but it must include a face-to-face physical examination including measurements of weight and head circumference.


15 May 2020: Practices are reminded that It is a statutory duty of all registered medical practitioners to notify suspected/possible cases of Covid-19 to North East and North Central London Health Protection Team on Since laboratory confirmed cases are reported directly to Public Health England by the processing laboratory, while the UK is not undertaking community testing GPs will only need to notify suspected cases. For more detail see the full story on the NCL Covid-19 website.


7 May 2020: Information about the status of London’s immunisation programmes during the Covid-19 outbreak will be shared soon. However, the following immunisations can continue. When delivering the vaccinations, please triage and undertake the advised precautions for giving face-to-face appointments as per NHS primary care guidance

Childhood immunisations

  • All routine childhood immunisations from birth up to and including vaccines due at one year of age should continue. 
  • If people present for other scheduled vaccinations, the opportunity to provide these should not be missed. 

Maternal and targeted vaccinations

  • Please ensure that pertussis vaccination continues to be offered to pregnant women.  Where vaccination cannot be provided in maternity, please signpost pregnant women to their GP.
  • Please continue to offer and provide BCG vaccinations.  Please risk assess and prioritise those infants aged up to one year who either reside in a borough of a TB incidence rate of >40 per 100,000 or live in a household with a parent or grandparent from a country with a TB rate of >40 per 100,000.  
  • It is imperative that any infant born to a Hepatitis B positive mother receives a course of Hepatitis B vaccination as this is time critical.  These infants must continue to be identified and called for vaccinations.   

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Last updated: Jul 13th, 2020
Review date: Jul 16th, 2021