Learning Disabilities

Here are the services and resources related to this topic.

Easy read patient information leaflets on a variety of conditions and medications can be accessed via the EasyHealth website.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists also has resources and leaflets available for people with learning disabilities in easy read format and for their carers and clinicians. This includes information about capacity and consent.

STOMP and STAMP are initiatives to stop over medication and support appropriate treatment in children with learning disabilities. This leaflet provides information on STOMP and STAMP to help families become more involved in discussion regarding psychotropic medication.

NHS England has produced a series of leaflets to help families and carers of people with a learning disability know the signs of constipation, which can have fatal consequences more often in this group than in the population as a whole, and what to do if you think someone is constipated.

How to Prepare Your Patient for a Hospital Visit

  • Ask the patient's carer to fill in a Hospital Passport for them to take into hospital
  • Encourage the patient to watch UCLH's videos prior to their visit
  • Print off/encourage the patient to read the relevant easy read leaflets below:

Going to hospital (PDF)

Going to A&E (PDF)

How to get the help you need in hospital (PDF)

Having an X-ray (PDF)

Having a scan (PDF)

Having a general anaesthetic (PDF)

Reporting the Death of a Person With a Learning Disability

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) is a national review of deaths of people with learning disabilities. Please use this website to report a death of patient with learning disability who was aged more than four years old.


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Adult Autism Diagnostic and Consultation Service

Diagnostic and consultation for adults with autism

Centre 404 - Learning Disability Support

Support, groups and activities for those with learning disabilities and their families

Daylight - Day Centre for Adults with LD

Community and building-based activities for adults with LD

Islington Additional Needs and Disability Service (IANDS)

Supporting children and young people with additional needs and disabilities to reach their full potential

Islington Carers Hub

Services and support for carers who work, live or study in Islington

Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership (ILDP)

Health and social care support for adults with a learning disability

Islington Multidisciplinary Floating Service

Support for those with housing needs

Learning Disability Health Checks

Annual health checks for adults and young people aged 14 and over with a learning disability

Low Vision Service

For adult patients who have a diagnosed eye condition and are struggling with daily living due to their vision

Scope - Employment Services

Employment support for disabled patients

Sign Language Interpreting Service

British Sign Language interpreting, videophone interpreting and advice about getting help in the borough

Spectrum - Day Centre for Adults with Autism

Specialist autism service accredited with the National Autistic Society.

Sports for People With Learning Disabilities

Accessible sports sessions for people with learning disabilities

The Bridge Service: Sexual Health for People with Learning Disabilities

Sexual health service for people with learning difficulties

The Elfrida Society Advocacy Project

Providing advocacy for people with a learning disability in Islington