Referral Management

Referral management is a way of monitoring, directing and controlling patient referrals, with the aim of ensuring that the most clinically effective and cost-effective outcomes are achieved, while at the same time respecting patients’ rights to choice.

A common North Central London Referral Support Service is being introduced in Islington during 2020. A set of FAQs (14 August 2020) is available.


Covid-19 update: GP referrals 

Set out below is the referral advice agreed with local trusts in North Central London for use during the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Cancer two-week referrals and urgent referrals should continue to be made through e-RS as normal for onward treatment by trusts.
  • Routine referrals should also be made as and when required. Trusts do not have capacity to commence routine work during the pandemic, so for routine referrals during this time routine services will show ‘no appointments available’ please use the Defer to Provider option’.
  • Trusts will add these referrals to their waiting list and will book appointments when capacity becomes available.
  • Trusts will clinically triage referrals that have been deferred, to ensure all urgent referrals are identified and captured.

GPs will also receive periodic guidance on individual pathways in addition to the generic advice above, and this will include:

  • additional advice and guidance offers for routine pathways, and hot lines for urgent referrals from trusts to help minimise the need for referrals
  • advice on referral thresholds, including for some cancer pathways, often based on a London-wide approach.

For the latest updates, see the NCL Covid-19 website