Covid-19 update

Quick access advice and guidance is available from UCLH respiratory consultants, during the Covid-19 outbreak
t: via hospital switchboard 020 3456 7890 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm). 

Out of hours cover will be provided by the Duty Medical Registrar
t: 020 3456 7890 bleep 4301

18 Jun 2020: Differentiation of the Cs in lung cancer; Cancer vs. Covid

The national lung cancer clinical reference group has been produced guidance to assist in clarifying the distinction between lung cancer and Covid-19. 
The guidance (v3 10 June 2020) suggests mitigation for the overlapping symptoms of cough, breathlessness and fatigue.

NHS England and NHS Improvement has issued a Primary and Community Respiratory Resource Pack for Use During Covid-19 (latest version 7 issued on 27 July 2020), providing guidance on managing people with Covid-19 symptoms. The pack, developed in collaboration with respiratory specialists, and London’s GP leaders and GP communities, will be reviewed and re-released once a fortnight (see release schedule on page 4).