Urology Clinical Advice and Guidance is available and encouraged

The urology pathways have been redesigned by the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) North Central London (NCL) Urology workstream and ratified by primary and secondary care clinicians, as well as the Medicines Management team.

Royal Free London, University College London Hospitals, North Middlesex University Hospital and Whittington Health offer secondary care urology services covering reconstruction, uro-oncology, circumcision, bladder and urine issues, and incontinence and more. Please see relevant urology service information below.

All routine and urgent consultant-led first outpatient appointment referrals are to be sent via e-RS. For advice and guidance please submit your enquiry via e-RS.

Vasectomies are routinely funded when delivered under local anaesthesia and/or deep sedation. If a vasectomy is required under general anaesthesia then an Evidence Based Interventions and Clinical Standards (EBICS) Policy application must be completed for the patient. Whittington Health will provide vasectomies that are in line with NCL policy. For information on the application please visit the EBICS page

Also the Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Guide for Urology is available online.

Dr Karen Sennett  , clinical lead for Urology

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Dr Karen Sennett

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Last updated: Oct 8th, 2020
Review date: Jan 31st, 2021